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In this blog I share my own photos with images of other people whose pictures I like.

I create and develop images on the computer. I do not use a camera. The pictures are in my fantasy and I'm trying to develop the pictures on the computer. These images are absolutely unique. I live and work in Germany and the rendering of images has been my hobby for many years. To promote the creation of an image on the computer takes a lot of imagination, technology and above all time, a lot of time.

Sometimes it takes days to finish a picture on the computer. Have fun with my pictures.

I really like landscapes, beautiful women pictures, lolicon, manga, crazy people, computer, space, alien, fantasy images.

Greetings from Germany

I want to smell you, feel you, to taste, to touch you, to see you smile, to see you happy, I want to take you as you are and I want that someone does the same for me.
Give up everything for a man to give up all hope in a person to love with no regrets and conventions. No matter how old you are.
Getting to know a person is probably just a dream … but we live and we are looking for over and over again until you feel it …………
Regards my friends

My own ;-(

Ralf Schreiber - Fine Art America

Ralf Schreiber - Fine Art